Merlion Hotel

I admit I know nothing about art. I can never understand how Merlion Hotel is considered an artwork. What’s so artistic about building an hotel room around the Merlion? Yes, you get to go up close and personal with that half fish half lion Singapore tourism icon. But is this call art?

Perhaps I don’t know how to appreciate Tatzu Nishi’s art. I know he is famous for encasing iconic statues within temporary room-like structures to give visitors a whole new experience.

But seriously, who approved this artwork in the first place? We are not talking about any statues in Singapore. This is the Merlion. The most famous statue in Singapore. Almost all tourist visit the Merlion when they come to Singapore. How can we allow anyone to “lock up” such an important tourist attraction in a red box?

I know visitors can still visit the Merlion Hotel from 10am to 7pm every day for free. But it is closed to the public and after 7pm for the lucky person who managed to book the hotel room. What will tourists see after 7pm? And the Merlion Hotel is closed from 7 Feb to 9 Mar for setting up and 16 May to 5 Jun for tearing down the temporary structure. Which means visitors to Singapore will not be able to see the Merlion during this period.

I don’t know about you. I felt that it is a very stupid idea. I know it is art. But really? Is there nothing else you can do? I feel sorry for all the tourists who are visiting Singapore during this period. Instead of the Merlion, all they see is a red box with a brightly lit sign saying Merlion Hotel. It’s like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Or visiting New York City without seeing Statue of Liberty.

And to be honest, I’m praying that none of the Merlion Hotel occupants try to do anything funny during their stay. The last thing I want to see spreading online is a picture of a naked woman posing beside the Merlion head.
Oh wait a minute…. That could be considered an artwork too. Right? Hmmmm…….

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