The Ultimate “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge at VivoCity

The Ultimate “All I Need Is My Desire!” Glass House Challenge by HTC is happening now at VivoCity. 20 contestants are now being “locked up” in the glass house and they will stay there until Sunday 9pm. (17 April 2011) The winner will walk away with $5000 cash and a HTC Desire S.

There will be tasks issued to the contestants throughout the entire 3 days. The contestants can rest or sleep in the glass house between the tasks. They are also given toilet breaks. Interestingly, there are 19 male contestant and only 1 female contestant.

All the contestants are given a HTC Desire S to use during their “lock up”. The games on Android Marketplace should keep them occupied for 3 days. Or they can surf net while killing time. They can also use the phone to make phone calls and order food delivery. I was there during lunchtime and some of the contestants ordered McDonalds. Haha.

Do check out the HTC roadshow at VivoCity if you are around the area this weekend. Give the contestants some moral support. The winner will be announced this Sunday at 9pm.

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