Snatch theft in Malaysia

This YouTube video have been spreading around the internet. It is from a car surveillance camera showing how 2 Malaysian snatch thieves on bike broke a car window and rob someone at a traffic junction.

I remember people telling me to lock the car door and wind up the windows when caught in traffic jam. From the look of this video, it seems like that advice is useless. The thief is most likely using something to break the window glass and reach inside the car to snatch valuables. Everything happen so fast. It’s hard to prevent such crime.
The best way to prevent this from happening is to put your valuables on the floor. Or in the car boot.
PS: I wonder what in-car video surveillance camera is the person using. The video quality is very good. Everyone should have one in their car


  1. Ridz: You know hor, in some countries, the thief can actually sue you for using that on him.
    I remember there’s this robber that went into someone house to steal things. But he accidentally tripped and fell inside the house and injured himself. So he is now suing the house owner. Amazing law.

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