A piece of the ceiling fell down

A piece of concrete slab fell off from my home ceiling last night. Right infront of my very eyes. I was playing some games on my iPhone when I saw a piece of concrete slab fell off, hit the sofa and fell on the ground. I was lucky. That is my favorite sofa. I usually sit there when I’m at home. Luckily I didn’t. Else I’ll most likely get a cut or bump on my head.

This isn’t the first time it happened. But it hasn’t happened for a few years already. Living on the top floor means that we get this more often than others. But if you try searching online, you will notice that a lot of HDB flats are having this issue too.

PS: The iPhone 4 did not fall from the ceiling (Although I wish it!) I put it there for you to estimate the size of the concrete slab that fell off.
The proper term for this is call spalling concrete. Spalling concrete is usually the result of a combination of poor installation and environmental factors which stress the concrete, causing it to become damaged.

Need to get a contractor to repair the ceiling soon. Sigh. There is another piece of concrete slab that looks like its going to fall off anytime. I wonder if I should use a stick to help speed up the process.


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