Facebook iPhone App's News Feed showing "No Internet Connection. Try Again"

It seems like the latest Facebook iPhone App is having some bug. A lot of users are complaining that they can’t access the news feed on the Facebook iPhone App. It keeps showing “No Internet Connection. Try Again” even though they are on an internet connection.

This bug seems to be affecting version 3.4.1 which was released on 20th April.
Right now, the only workaround solution is:
1) Go to Facebook app’s main page
2) Go to Account on the top left corner
3) Select Help Center
4) Login to your account (Remember to check “Keep me logged in”
This should work for most users. But there are some users reporting that this method doesn’t work for them. Let’s wait for Facebook to fix the issue.
PS: After experimenting a little with Victor, we discovered that the above steps will not work if you are on Secure Browsing (https). If the steps above doesn’t work for you, try going to the Accounts settings on Facebook.com to disable Secure Browsing (https). Note that by disabling https, you are surfing Facebook unencrypted. Do not do this if you are using Facebook on a open WIFI.
Update 26 April: It seems like the issue has been resolved.


  1. I encountered this problem. But after trying the solution provided in this web, my news feed works again. Does this bug happens because of the new version of facebook? Because way before i update the latest version, i started encountering this problem.

  2. SGDrinker: I may be wrong. This bug might not be caused by the latest version.
    Annoymous: It seems to be affecting several ISP.

  3. after i sign out and sign in again, it appear…so does it mean everytime i must go to the account setting to set it?

  4. My fb is working except the news feed it says no Internet connection try again i have tried everything i’ve been to apple store and att. When I go to account settings to login there is no option to remember me. What do I do??

  5. Hi. Im facing the same problem also. The news feed shows “no internet connection” even though i am online. Anyone knows how to solve this?

  6. when i using another facebook account on this apps and it work, but why when i using mine it was not shown?
    someone please try it and find the solution.

  7. Still experiencing this issue. Started happening on 7/22/11. None of the listed workarounds, worked. Please help!

  8. Unable to connect to facebook APP on my iPOD ‘New Feeds’ Always get No internet Connection Try Again” However, I can use all other features in FaceBook app.
    I have already restarted my iPOD, re-installed app from ipod.
    Have latest update on my iPOD
    Also, having issues with Word w/ Friend connecting to Facebook. Wonder if this is the same issue.

  9. People, I am using Facebook App version 3.4.4 and I can not connect it since monday…always have the message “Verbindung zu Facebook kann nicht hergestellt werden. Bitte versuche es später erneut”.

  10. I am having the same problem and I deleted the app and got it again and it still does it!!!!! I am getting soooo frustrated and I did some re search and alot of people are having this problem with the app!!! Please if anyone knows leave a comment

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