Your iPhone remembers where you have been

This may be shocking to those who are concern about their privacy. Your iPhone actually remembers where you have been. 2 researchers found a log file in the iPhone that keep track of the location of the iPhone.
If you have a MacOS machine, go download their application and see the information in the log file.

Here’s the worrying part. Apple didn’t notify the users that it is collecting these data. It is still unsure what Apple is doing with these data. We can’t even confirm if Apple actually retrieve these data. And these data are stored on your computer unencrypted. Which means anyone who has your computer can retrieve these files and find your location. The file is also stored in your iPhone, which mean anyone who found your iPhone will also know where you have been.
And for those who jailbreak their iPhone and didn’t secure it properly, there is a chance that hackers might be able to retrieve that file from your iPhone.
Now wait a minute. Before you start worrying and throw your iPhone away, let me just say that the location aren’t very accurate. It seems like the log file is recording the location of the cell tower that your phone is connected. Not your exact GPS location. Which means it can be a few hundred metres away from your real location.
The log file cannot pin-point your exact location. But it can reveal your rough location at a given time and also your travel pattern.
Personally, I don’t really care much about this since I have my Google Latitude turned on 24/7 with History enabled. Latitude have a more accurate record of my location. Oh… and not forgetting Foursquare, Facebook and Twitter.
But I guess there is a need for Apple to explain the need for this log file. Some people speculate that Apple is using this to collect cell tower triangulation info so that Apple can provide a better GPS location. I’m actually perfectly fine with that. But I wish Apple would inform us. And it also makes no sense to store the data forever on the iPhone unencrypted.

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