Password protect your wireless router

This is just a Public Service Announcement. I’m sure most of you have done that already. But if you haven’t, please password protect your wireless router.
An American living in Buffalo, New York, was arrested and held in custody for 3 days for downloading child pornography. The problem is, he didn’t do it. It was later discovered that the real pedophile is actually his neighbour and not him.
The guy just got a new router recently and he gotten fed up trying to set a password. His neighbour found the unsecured WIFI spot and used it to download child porn.
But I guess that guy is lucky. Things could have been worst. Someone could connect to his router and use Firesheep on him. Or use his open WIFI to hack into other computers.
Difficult to password protect your router is not an excuse. Some routers makers have already simplified the process. For example, Linksys have this Cisco Connect software to help you password protect your router easily. If you are not tech savvy, choose those router brands that are easy to setup.
Or find someone who is tech savvy enough to help you password protect your router.
In Germany, it is actually the law to secure your router. Router owners can be fine up to €100 for being unable to properly secure the wireless connections aimed at preventing any third parties from violating the law by illegally downloading copyrighted content.

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