OK, I think I understand why we are paying our President millions of dollars each year.

Jokes aside, I don’t understand what is the President of Czech Republic thinking. I’m pretty sure they will gladly give him the pen if he asked for it after the event. Even if he wants to steal it, he should be clever enough not to do it infront of camera. And his actions are too obvious already.
Did the Czechs really vote that guy into office?

There’s quite a number of iPhone App out there that checks Singapore bus arrival timing. Even the gothere.sg app also allows users to check bus arrival timing. So it kinda puzzled me when I discovered that SBS Transit release their own iPhone App that lets you check bus arrival timing. But why? There’s already tons of 3rd party Apps out there.
I know some of the 3rd party bus arrival iPhone App are quite badly done. But there are also a couple of good ones out there. So why did SBS Transit waste their time and effort to create an iPhone App themselves? Is it better than the rest?

The SBS Transit IRIS iPhone App use GPS to locate and list all the bus stops around you. User can filter the list by distance (0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 KM). Or you can locate the bus stop using a map. I prefer locating the bus stop using the map. It’s much easier and less prone to mistakes.

The Bus Stop page will show you all the SBS Transit bus that is servicing that bus stop. It display the terminating interchange/bus stop, next and subsequent bus arriving time. Note that the page does not display SMRT buses. I know this iPhone App is from SBS Transit. But it would be more useful if it could display all the bus servicing the bus stop instead of just SBS buses.
You can also search bus information using the bus service number.
The Journey Planner is pretty useless. The planner only have SBS bus routes. There’s no train or SMRT buses. It doesn’t automatically calculate the total fair too. You need to access LTA website to find out the fare. SERIOUSLY? The map presentation for the Journey Planner is also badly done.

The interesting thing about the SBS Transit IRIS iPhone App is the bookmark. (although I think some 3rd party app can also do this) The Bookmark allow users to add a bus stop, bus service number and time to the bookmark. When the time is up, there will be a push notification to inform the user when is the next bus is arriving.

Interesting feature, although it would be better if the application can alert the user 5 minutes before the bus arrive the bus stop instead of a pre-defined time. I don’t need the App to act as an “alarm clock” to remind you to check the next bus arrival timing.
As a whole, the SBS Transit IRIS iPhone App is a simple and straight forward application for checking the next bus arrival timing. It could be better if they include SMRT bus route. I know they are from different company. But why would I want to use this SBS Transit IRIS app if other 3rd party app can give me better route planning?
The App crashed a couple of times when I was reviewing it. Hope the developer will fix the bugs in the future updates. Other than that, it’s a pretty normal iPhone app and an alternative for checking next bus arrival timing. It is definitely not the best in the market, but at least it is free and ads free.

PS: Some of you might be wondering why is it all the 3rd party iPhone Apps only show SBS bus arrival timing. Well, that’s because SMRT didn’t release their next bus arrival timing online. I think LTA should make SMRT release the timing online so that we can plan our journey better.

Just when we all thought that Symbian^3 is going to be the last Symbian, Nokia announced the Symbian Anna.
The new Symbian Anna will have new icons, improved text input, easier and faster web browser with improved user interface, refreshed Ovi Map with simpler and quicker search and new public transport routes, enterprise grade security and messaging enhancement etc etc.
Yes, finally portrait mode QWERTY keyboard and better browser. Something that Symbian needs badly.

Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01 will be getting Symbian Anna upgrade over the coming months. The newly announced Nokia X7 and E6 will come shipped with Symbian Anna. We still don’t know when the X7 and E6 will be launched in Singapore. I’ll tweet or blog about it once I got the dates.
Update: The Nokia X7 and E6 will be available in Singapore some time around the end of Q2 2011

Cisco finally launched the beautiful Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band Wireless-N Router officially here in Singapore. I talked about it back in January when Cisco first unveiled it. The Linksys E4200 was also spotted during the recent IT Show. It’s good to finally touch/feel/caress this beauty.

The Linksys E4200 is Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network ready. It optimises the speed of the fibre broadband network to deliver the performance demanded by wireless devices today, provides maximum performance of up to 300 Mbps (2.4GHz) and up to 450 Mbps (5.0GHz). For maximum range, the Linksys E4200 has 6 internal antennas. There’s also USB port for adding external storage drives.
The Linksys E4200 does not support IPv6 currently. But Cisco plans to support it in July 2011.

Like all new Linksys router, the Linksys E4200 comes with Cisco Connect software which makes setting up the router and doing network management a simple task. Good for those who are not so tech savvy. In fact, it’s also good for those lazy tech savvy people like me. I still remember how easy it was to setup my previous router using Cisco Connect.

But what set the Linksys E4200 apart from the rest of the competition is the looks. This router is a beauty. Who would have imagined that router can look so beautiful? In fact, the Linksys E4200 was awarded the reddot design award 2011. It’s the only router to receive this design award and I think I don’t need to explain why.

The role of the router has changed over the years. With more and more WIFI enabled devices in the home, the router should no longer be an ugly device that you keep in your room. It should be a stylish device that you want to put in your living room and won’t need to hide it from your guest.

The Linksys E4200 is now available in Singapore at S$279.
To be honest, you don’t really need the Linksys E4200 unless you are on fibre. But you know you WANT it….. oh yeah…. 🙂

We all know the first man to set foot on Moon is Neil Armstrong. But how many people know the first man in space?
The first man in space is Yuri Gagarin. And no, he is not an American. He is a Russian cosmonaut. Today, 12 April 2011, is the 50th anniversary of the world’s first manned flight into space by Yuri Gagarin.
To mark this historic flight, a group of film makers collaborated with the European Space Agency, and the Expedition 26/27 crew of the International Space Station to recreate what Gagarin see 50 years ago in his 108 minutes orbit.
The film is now available free on YouTube for all mankind.

Update: Check out the making of First Orbit.