Check this out. According to the video description, it is a performance art assignment.

Have you ever played “Count the Number of iPhones” with your friends on the MRT? Well you should.
Funny how we’re all caught up in our separate, individual worlds in such a shared, public space. This performance art piece takes the very thing that alienates us from our surroundings, to make us more aware of our surroundings.

Hmmm….. another proof that I totally don’t understand art.

Here’s an interesting hack. A USB button that types in a random synonym for the word awesome when it’s pressed. Check out how it’s being made.

Hmmmm…. You know what? You can easily replace the list of awesome words with a list of vulgarities and there you go, a F**K YOU button. Isn’t that great?

Canon Singapore recently announced the opening of a new training facility, the Canon Imaging Academy. Located at Keppel Bay Tower (next to HarbourFront), the academy aims to engage, educate and enrich the imaging experiences of users and to nurture a community of people passionate in photography, videography and other aspects of imaging.

The Canon Imaging Academy will focus on developing new curricula, courses, and events that will enhance the imaging experience of programme participants. Courses planned for 2011 include basic photography, intermediate photography, strobist, studio lighting, creative photography and editing with DPP courses. The academy will also introduce videography courses to meet the increasing demand. For those who prefer a greater emphasis on hands-on experience, the Canon Imaging Academy will also offer photography outings and overseas photo clinics. Each of the courses is designed to suit the varying skill-levels of participants from beginners to intermediate.
The academy has planned over 70 photography courses, 20 local outings, 10 overseas trips, and free product trainings which will engage a target of 15,000 shutterbugs this year.
In addition to Canon’s own trainers, the Canon Imaging Academy will also feature a group of dedicated trainers including award-winning photographers such as Triston Yeo, Alex Siew and Joseph Goh.
The Canon Imaging Academy is part of the expansion and restructuring of Canon’s current facility, the Canon Digital Lab. The Canon Digital Lab was launched in 2004 and has benefited more than 150,000 people to date. It will continue to focus on providing free product-familiarisation sessions to get users up to speed with their Canon products.
For more information, visit the Canon Imaging Academy website.

Got this Joby GorillaPod at a huge discount during the recent IT show (OK, not that recent already). Usual price is around S$40 in Singapore but it was selling at S$19 during IT show. Good deal.

The Joby GorlliaPod is unlike your conventional tripod. The legs of the GorlliaPod is made up of several flexible yet very sturdy joints. The joints are so flexible that it can support the camera in virtually any position. You can bend the GorillaPod’s legs so that it cling on any available object like railing or tree branch.

You can also use it as a conventional tripod if you are not so adventurous.

I like the Joby GorillaPod because it is compact and lightweight. Most importantly, it is very stable. According to the website, the original Joby GorillaPod is able to hold up to 325 grams. I tried mounting my Canon G11 which weighs 369 grams and it still holds well. But I guess anything heavier than a G11 will be too much for the original Joby GorillaPod. Joby have other model like SLR, SLR-Zoom and Focus which is able to hold up to 800g, 3kg and 5kg respectively.

But becareful when you shop for the Joby GorillaPod. There’s lots of imitation out there in the market. Most of them aren’t as sturdy as the original Joby GorillaPod.

By the way, I’m using my Glif to mount my iPhone 4 on the GorillaPod. The GorillaPod does not come with a Glif. Joby have a version of the GorillaPod that is specially built for the iPhone 4. But it can only mount the iPhone 4 and nothing else. If you want to use your iPhone 4 on the Joby GorillaPod or any tripod, I highly recommend you get the Glif.