Party Time by Tribal DDB and Brandtology

Party Time is a project by Tribal DDB and Brandtology to aggregate the news, blogs and conversations on the Singapore General Elections using an excessive 3D user interface.

Although the page looks beautiful, I’m sad to say that Party Time is only good for getting a general snapshot of what’s happening on the ground. It’s a pity that they didn’t provide more comprehensive data and charts. The info provided on Party Time is only a small fraction of what Brandtology can do. I know because my company is using Brandtology and I know how powerful the system is.

And I know that the sentiment rating on Party Time is not 100% accurate. Just a look at PAP’s chart and you will know. Don’t think PAP has 62% positive conversation on Social Media. Well, Brandtology is using algorithm to determine if the news, blogs and conversations is positive or negative towards the party. You and I know that it’s difficult to determine if the writer is being sarcastic or not. Even humans can be fooled some times. And Brandtology doesn’t have Watson to help them. That’s why the sentiment rating is not 100% accurate.
Brandtology knows this short coming too. Which is why they have social media analyst to go through the conversations for their clients to ensure the sentiment rating is correct. But that require manpower and time. I’m pretty sure they are not getting their social media analyst to vet thru the conversations on Party Time.

Well, at least you can use it to tell which party is doing better. PAP is the only party with sentiment value below 65%. The site is also good for checking out what people are talking about when they mention the Party. It is no surprise that the buzzword “Slum” is now appearing on PAP’s page.

By the way, the interface on Party Time is completely different from the actual Brandtology dashboard. Personally, I hate the user interface on Party Time. Looks good only. Not functional at all.


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