And so I got myself a iPad 2….

PS: This blog entry is 2 weeks late. Been busy blogging about Singapore General Election and been neglecting other topics. Now that SGE2011 is over, its time to go back to my usual blogging.
For those who have listened to Tech65 long enough, you will remember that I said I’m not getting an iPad cause I don’t see the use of it. I think at 1 point I said that I’ll never get an iPad. I’m the most unlikely person to buy the iPad 2. But……

I bought a 32GB 3G+WIFI Black iPad 2 on the day it was launched in Singapore. Yes, I’m one of the clown/monkey/fan boy/crazy people who queued up several hours for it.
I started queuing for the iPad 2 at 5am with Daniel. Jacelyn wanted to join us but she overslept. We went to Jurong Point cause there’s Nubox and Challenger. When we arrive, Nubox have roughly 10 people in queue while Challenger have 3. So we decided to queue up at Challenger. That was the biggest mistake of the night/morning. We were only informed that each customer can only buy 1 iPad at around 30 minutes before sales start. Most places, including Nubox just few doors away, allow each customer to buy 2. Even Challenger at Funan allow each customer to buy 2 iPad.
Note to self, next time, don’t queue up at Challenger Jurong Point. Nubox is a lot better. Their queue is slightly slower but the staffs distribute bottled water and sweets to customers in the queue.
Oh well, lesson learnt.

I keep telling people that iPad is a want, not a need. In most cases, it is really true. You don’t really need it. Everything it does, there’s another gadget that can do it better. But it is really more convenient to use the iPad on the sofa or in a crowded train.

If you are buying a iPad 2, you really need to get the Smart Cover. Apple did a good job with the cover this time round. Auto on/off when you open and close the cover is a very useful feature. In fact, I find that I seldom need to press the power button. The Smart Cover comes in Polyurethane and leather. Leather is slightly more expensive. But it looks nicer and feels better. I got myself a black leather Smart Cover.
In case you are wondering, the first app that I install on my iPad 2 is Flipboard. And I love it! Just look at how beautiful my blog looks on Flipboard. Definitely a must have app on iPad.

And I start to realize something. I have too many Apple products. I have iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone 4 and now iPad 2. Oh Steve…. what have you done to me?


  1. Feed back to Challenger? They claim to have excellent customer service after all. Maybe get a free accessory lol.
    Yes, you’re one of the numerous mostly-Apple users lol.

  2. Serwei: Nah. Nevermind.
    But I’m also a Windows user. I got a Windows 7 desktop at home and I use Win XP in office. πŸ™‚

  3. LOL, I just finished drafting my ipad2 entry too and I realized we wrote almost similar stuff!
    I also installed flipboard 1st……but, I got pirated smart cover instead of the original πŸ˜›

  4. So DK, how’s the iPad 2 after this few weeks? I also blogged about why I won’t buy an iPad when iPad launched. but now the want-an-iPad feeling is getting stronger and stronger too.
    So after using iPad for awhile, do you think it is still a want and not a need?

  5. Jacelyn: Ya lor. Super pissed off with them. Luckily you can help me buy. Else my poor sister won’t have a iPad. πŸ™‚
    Tobiascai: iPad is a want. Always a want. But a sweet sweet want. πŸ™‚

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