Angry Birds now on Chrome

After conquering almost all the mobile platforms, Rovio Mobile recently announced Angry Birds for Chrome web browser. The game uses WebGL or Canvas and will be distributed through the Chrome Web Store for use with Google’s Chrome web browser. (And most likely Chrome OS when it is released)

You can run Angry Birds on any WebGL- or Canvas-enabled browser (Safari and FireFox shouldn’t have any problems). But when played on Chrome, it will feature exclusive content, such as exclusive levels. You need to find the Chrome logo (just like the Golden Eggs) to unlock these levels in the Chrome Dimension.

So far, I only managed to find 3 by myself. There are supposed to be 7 of them if I’m not wrong. Oh well, I guess you can Google to find the rest of them.

Have fun playing. Hope your productivity in office don’t drop because of this. Hmmmm….. I wonder how many company will blog this website from now on?
Warning: Spoiler ahead. Don’t scroll down if you don’t want to know the location of the 3 Chrome egg/bomb/logo/whatever you call them.

Level 16

Level 18

Level 20

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