Apply for your NDP 2011 tickets NOW!

Once again, it’s the time of the year every Singaporean (and Permanent Resident) is waiting for. The balloting of the National Day Parade tickets has began! Woohoo!

You may apply for your NDP tickets from now till 29 May 2011. This year, there are 4 ways to apply for the tickets. As usual, you can ballot for 2, 4 or 6 tickets to either the NDP preview (30 July) or the actual parade (9 Aug). Those who apply for a lower the number of tickets have a higher chance of successfully obtaining them.
1) Website/SAM/AXS stations – Log on to the official NDP 2011 website or visit any AXS and SAM stations.
2) NDP 2011 Mobile Application – Download the NDPOnTheGo Mobile App from Apple App Store or Android Market.
3) Ticketing hotlines – Dial 1900-112-4551 to ballot for preview tickets (30 Jul 2011) or 1900-112-4559 to ballot for actual day tickets (9 Aug 2011). ($0.20 will be charged for each call made to the hotlines)
4) Short Message Service – SMS “NDP” to 9395-2855 to start the application process. (standard text message rates apply)
Successful applicants will be contacted between 9 and 18 Jun 2011 via the contact numbers provided during their application process. Ticket collection is from 17 to 26 Jun 2011, between 9am and 9pm daily, at The Float @ Marina Bay.
Good luck!!!


  1. Dear Sir/Mdm:
    I am a singaporean.
    I would like to apply 4 NDP 2011 Tickets.
    Thank you very much for your great help!
    Best Regards
    Wang Dong Hui
    26 May 2011

  2. I would like to apply 6 tickets please. From im a student till im married, i didn’t even get to watch NDP LIVE. Now i had 3 child and wish to bring them to watch NDP. Thank you for your great help!

  3. My sister is returning home with my 3 triplets age 7 from tokyo. hope to get tickets to bring them to watch NDP. Last 2 years I tried to aplply for her but couldnt get any so they did not retrun home. This year due to the crisis over there has to leave Jpn during their summer holidays. Is there any way U can help???
    Thank U

  4. Dear Sir/Mdm:
    Can I apply for 4 tickets for NDP 2011, Thank you very much for your great help!
    Wang Dong Hui

  5. I am Singaporean,i have applied many time but couldnot get that balloting is not fair for evreyone.why management take some decision that-those people get this year ticket,next year give to others?

  6. Hi, I am applyed the ticket but am going to other country(jun 17 to jun 27) if i selecte for the NDP. how will i contact, after i come back,please advise me.Thanks

  7. Hmmm…… Feel like having 4 NDP ticket. For my friend birthday. She love to go all this event. We love singapore 🙂

  8. Hi singapore! i wish to get 6 tickets pls. and i really wish to watch the ndp live.. oh god.. how wonderful if i get to c it LIVE!!

  9. Hi, My 3 young children really wish to watch the NDP live especially the fireworks, hope you can grant them their wish..:)

  10. Hi, I’m a singaporean. I would like to have 3 tickets for the NDP parade as my children would like to watch it. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for the post! i read your post and balloted. just got a call, i won 2x for the actual parade 🙂 hope it’ll be good! good luck to the rest!

  12. Hi I would like to watch NDP with my boyfriend as we never get to watch NDP live before,it be a great experience 🙂 I would like two tickets please?

  13. g..c.l: I’m jealous. I think I didn’t get it. Again. Haven’t gotten the tickets ever since the started using balloting 🙁

  14. I hv tried to apply for the sake of my child, the true new born Singaporeans but its always denied. When I am on duty at NDP I could see more foreigners than Singaporean. I would like to hv 6 tickets.

  15. Hi, my parents, at their age of 70 years old, would really love to watch the NDP parade. They like Singapore very much. Hope you can grant them their wish… I would like to have 4 tickets. I would appreciate it a lot.

  16. I am Singaporean. I would like celebrate our National Day in NDP with my childrens. Kindly grant me to get 4 tickets. This is first time for us to watch this celebration. Thanks a lot.

  17. Happy Birthday Singapore. May our country stay prosperous in the days ahead.I would like to have 4 tickets to watch the parade live!My 2 daughters will have so much fun to see the fireworks live.I really hope to get the tickets.Thank you for the great help.

  18. Why the ticket is in even number? Should have option for odd number also. My family total 5 member. If I bid 6, waste 1 (although I can give to someone else), If I bid 4 (hey, my 2 year old daughter can sit on my lap and one seat free to other people who yearn for the show….) hope the orgainizing change the even number of ticket style….(T_T)

  19. 2 mth ago, I was disgnosed with stage 4 cancer, in my whole life, I never have the chance to watch NDP, in previous years, I had applied upteem times but never get!!!. I think this is a very unfair system, they should not let those people like ,e.g. last year got the ticket and this year should be ban, the chance to have the lucky draw this year, so as to enable others to have a chance. I only hope to have 4 ticket for my 2 children, my hubby and me to Have; is once in a Lifetime!!! so sad…
    I m now at stage 4 cancer, I think, next year I may not make it liao…

  20. hi me sharon here.. i want 2 tickets the NDP.. i want to celebrate the big day event with my husband to be as that day is our big day… if i really get the tickets please email me

  21. i will like 4 tickets ….this 10 years living in the world,i didt even get a chance to watch it live….i will like to watch it live this year with my mum and mum, mum friend and son

  22. Hey , i seriously need 6 NDP tickets :/ any tickets available please tell me , me and my friends are dying to go ! thank you very much xD

  23. hi anyone had 2 NDP green sector tickets for actual day? I would like to exchange blue sector tickets for green sector so that i can sit with my friends. Thanks

  24. hey there,
    I wonder if there is any tickets to grab even if I missed out the date of submission to the system. I would like to have 2 tickets and hope to have them so that I can surprise my girlfriend on that day itself.

  25. Hai i just got to know about this but it seems that i am too late to apply for the ndp tickets! Any other way for me to get any tickets? Any chance?

  26. Please I need help I need 3 tickets who can sell to me,Closed already !I wish to go but there is no tickets left.if can go it is my family first time
    ?please help if u could sell to me i can pay u double price.Any chance for me to get ndp tickets as i knoe im already too late for the application

  27. Since the age of 8years old till now age of 44years old i never get NDP ticket to watch parade. hope u give me a change to see my singapore birthday before my last breath… for me if i get a chance to watch i really appreciate alots… i need 4 tickets if possible. MAJULAH SINGAPURA….

  28. I wish i have NDP tickets on my Birthday (7 August). It has been a long time since i go to NDP (2005). 🙁

  29. Hey ! I wish to go there with my family . I need 4 tickets if possible . As my father was born on 1965 , same age as Singapore . He’s born on August 23 . Please grant my family wish to celebrate his birthday earlier . (:

  30. I’ve been working in S’pore since 1991 but never had the chance to see NDP live. I would love to see it this year with my fly. Tks.

  31. Hey happy birthday Singapore is 46 now (: I hope that I can get the ticket for four hope that u can send it to me thanks (:

  32. Hello, I’ve got a green sector NDP ticket for the actual day, but I want to exchange for a yellow ticket. Any kind souls want to exchange? Thanks so much! ^^ cuz i want to sit with my daddy…
    Otherwise, I’m willing to exchange my yellow tix for a green one.
    Do email me at =)

  33. i would like to have two tickets for NDP…
    is like i am trying for years… but never get it before… so please try to give me … thanks…

  34. i am a singaporean and would like to watch NDP with wife and 3 children and my friend– need 6 tickets. any chance .

  35. hi ndp ticket
    i want to watch ndp ticket why have give people ticket ????????????????????????????????????????

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