IPv6 Day: Some website might be unreachable today

Today is World IPv6 Day.

No, it’s not a day created by geeks to celebrate IPv6. IPv6 Day is a day where major websites switch from IPv4 to IPv6 for 24 hours to test our readiness for IPv6. We need to switch to IPv6 soon because the world has run out of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 Day is an attempt to promote awareness of IPv6 and iron out some of the potential bugs. Major websites like Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo etc etc will switch to IPv6 from 8 June 2011, 8am Singapore time for 24 hours to test public IPv6 deployment.
So what does this means? Well, if everything goes on smoothly, you won’t notice a thing at all. You won’t even know about IPv6 Day unless you read it from news article or blogs (like this). This will be the ideal case.
But if things goes wrong, you will not be able to access those sites that are taking part in IPv6 Day for a day. Yes, no Facebook for you. And you can’t Google for help since they are taking part in IPv6 day too. In fact, Bing and Yahoo will also be down for you if you are not IPv6 ready. So I guess the next best search engine that is available is Baidu.
Well, at least Twitter is still working since they are not taking part in the IPv6 Day. So if everything fails, tweet for help. Haha. I guess it won’t be that bad. After all, we have quite some time to prepare for IPv6. Most of the network should be ready (I hope). You can test if your computer and ISP is ready for IPv6 here.
Oh by the way, Zynga is also taking part in IPv6 Day. I hope you already harvested your crop on Farmville, just in case….

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