New Apple Campus proposal

I thought Steve Jobs is on sick leave lately. After the WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs went to the Cupertino City Council the following day to presents his proposal for a new Apple Campus. Poor guy. I hope he get some rest and get well soon.
Anyway, the proposal is pretty impressive. Not as cool as your usual Apple Keynote but definitely worth watching.

A huge 4 level round building with no straight glass. All the glass use are going to be curved. The building is expected to be able to house up to 13000 employees. It will produce their own electricity and use the grid as backup. Most of the parking will be underground. There is going to be an auditorium for presentation like Keynote. There’s speculations that WWDC will be held there when it is ready. I’m not sure if that’s possible.
Anyway, from the way the City Council Meeting go, I think they will surely get the green light. So expect the building to be ready by 2015.
PS: I think the City Council needs better camera. The video looks like it’s recorded in the early 90s or something.

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