The moon will turn red tonight

There will be a lunar eclipse tonight. But this is not your usual lunar eclipse. Tonight’s lunar eclipse is relatively rare. It’s the type of lunar eclipse where the center point of Earth’s shadow is on the disk. This will make the moon look red in colour due to the refraction of sunlight by Earth’s atmosphere.

Yes, the moon will turn red tonight. In some folklore, this is supposed to be a bad omen. But well, don’t think anything is going to happen. Right? *Fingers crossed*
Asia is going to be one of the best place to view tonight’s lunar eclipse. The Science Centre is having a Red Moon Spectacle Event tonight at the Omni-Theatre.
Here’s the Eclipse Phases and Timings taken from Science Centre website. (all timing in Singapore Time)

1:22am – Penumbral phase – The Moon enters the outer edge of Earth’s Shadow (penumbra). This shadow maybe light and not very obvious.
2:22am – Umbral Phase – The Moon enters the darker, inner part of Earth’s shadow (umbra). Over the course of an hour, the dark grey shadow gradually moves across the face of the Moon.
3:22am-5:02am – Totality – The Moon is completely covered by the Umbra and turns red/orange in colour.
5:02 – 2nd Umbral phase – The Moon reaches the opposite edge of Earth’s umbral shadow. It begins to reappear as the shadow gradually recedes across its surface.
6:02 – 2nd Penumbral phase – The Moon is completely visible again, although not at full brightness as it is still inside the lighter, penumbral shadow.
7:00am – Eclipse ends – The Moon exits the penumbral shadow of the Earth’s and returns to full brightness. At this point the Moon may be too low to see.

Pray for clear skies tonight. Anyone staying up to view the red moon?


  1. In the Indian folklores red moon is the time were werewolves are at their strongest and the time for a human sacrifice…LOL

  2. I’ve been up all day till night yesterday biking on our village hoping I could see the glimpse of it till 3 in the morning. But sad to say the clouds started to appear at 1 am till 3 in the morning in Davao City…Hope I could still see the next eclipse on December 10, 2011…LOL

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