The Ultimate Start-up Space 2011 – Top 10 Finalist

The top 10 finalist for The Ultimate Start-up Space 2011 has been announced.

Bespoke Leather Shop by Jaye Neo, Colin Chen & Jerlyn Teng
TUSS Page | Facebook Page
Bespoke Leather Shop, as the name suggests, is a bespoke leather craft workshop that customizes in all things leather for working professionals, including leather handbags, laptop bags or even chairs. Using the store front provided by Martell, the workshop will host leather “architects” who will walk the client to understand the needs, design elements and type of material desired. Once the selection has been made, the artisans will finely craft the desired product from scratch and the product will be ready for collection in a matter of weeks.

BLOW by Jane Alethea Seet & Michelle Chong
TUSS Page | Facebook Page
BLOW is a concept hair salon that offers Singapore’s first blow dry bar, focusing on providing a unique and relaxing place to getting one’s hair styled at a reasonable price. There will be no cuts, no colours no fuss. For S$32, ladies will be able to get their hair washed, blown dry and styled in under 30 minutes. BLOW will offer a menu of hair blow-out styles, as well as additional services such as hair treatments, accessories and make-up application.

Cereasley by Tina Tan & Shi Hui Ng
Cereasley seeks to make a range of exclusive in-the-kitchen-style cereals using the best ingredients available. Targeting time-poor consumers who have a preference for high quality and easily accessible wholesome food products, Cereasley will operate under a quick-serve format, allowing consumers to choose and customise their own cereal within minutes.

Bloz Shop by Gina Toh & Serene Mok
BLOZ SHOP will be using the space provided by Martell’s ‘The Ultimate Start-Up Space’ to allow Lego players to exchange and sell individual bricks with other players to complete their creations. The spare parts shop will also act as a hub for Lego players to gather and interact, hosting competitions and workshops for Lego builders. For avid Lego fans, the BLOZ SHOP will be a haven for creativity and design that will complement any Lego work of art.

Perched On A Tree Letterpress by Fanny Yap & Raymond Lam
TUSS Page | Facebook page
Perched On A Tree Letter Press aims to transform the shop front offered by Martell’s ‘The Ultimate Start-Up Space’ into a craft studio manned by designers and artists. Business owner Fanny Yap will introduce the art of the long-lost printing technique – letterpress printing – to individuals and businesses, while providing a space for other artists to develop and collaborate in the studio. The studio will also feature a café for consumers to kick back and relax while browse through the small crafts offered for sale in the shop.

Preparazzi by Jeremy Nguee
TUSS Page | YouTube page
Preparazzi is a food preparation service that allows patrons to have delicious and healthy “home- cooked” meals without any fuss. Preparazzi will help to plan, prepare and cook the dishes, acting like a personal sous chef and allowing the customer to have more time for the important things in life. Preparazzi also allows customization of meals, allowing their clients to choose the extent to which they want their meal to be prepared.

TeeJunction by TeeDaily by Shariff
TUSS Page | Facebook Page | YouTube Channel
TeeJunction will be using the shop front offered by Martell’s ‘The Ultimate Start-Up Space’ to bring the customized t-shirts sold on their TeeDaily website to the Singaporean masses. The TeeDaily website offers a platform where artists and designers can have their designs printed on limited edition t-shirts which are on sale for 72 hours only. The store front will be providing artists and designers with a place where ‚creative minds meet‛ and network in the shop space. The shop will also provide services not available online, such as providing light meals and art design clinics.

Tools of Trade by Charlie Tan
TUSS Page | Facebook Page
In the age of consumerism, everyday items are bought and discarded at a whim. Tools of Trade will be transforming the shop front provided by Martell’s ‘The Ultimate Start-Up Space’ into a garage, offering tools, courses and workshops for people to fix, improve and innovate on everyday products to bring a new, unique creation to life.

Victory Concierge by Melvin Lum
Victory Concierge provides a service catered to people who are too busy to tackle their everyday to-do list. With a membership of SGD$50 per month, members of Victory Concierge are able to engage the basic concierge service to complete activities such as picking up dry-cleaning, paying the bills and buying groceries. By providing concierge services, Victory Concierge aims to allow working professionals to spend more time on facets of life that are more enjoyable.

Zilch – Zero Dollar Shop by Vijay Ganesan
TUSS Page | Facebook Page | Website
Zilch – Zero Dollar Shop – will transform the shop front provided by Martell’s ‘The Ultimate Start- Up Space’ into a space for retailers to promote and test their new products and innovations. Zilch allows members to test product samples for free, satiating consumers’ hunger to try on new, innovative products at zero cost, while allowing retailers and new brands to reach consumers effectively. The number of items a consumer can bring home increases with their contributions on survey and product feedback.

From now till 15 July 2011, you can help your favourite business idea by pledging money. You can pledge $5, $10, $20 or $50. Money will only be deducted from your PayPal account if the business idea you’ve pledged money to wins The Ultimate Start-up Space 2011.
So which is your favorite Ultimate Start-up idea?

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