Another piece of the ceiling fell down

Another piece of concrete slab fell off from my home ceiling. This time, it’s a lot bigger than the previous round. And luckily nobody is at home this time round. Cause this time it’s right above my dad’s bed.

And it brought the fluorescent light down at the same time. Which explains why the photos look like this. I was using my Sima light to take photos. Bright hor?
The fluorescent light landed on the bed too, so there no broken glass to clean up.

So yes, luckily nobody is at home when the concrete slab fell off. Else I don’t know what will happen if the concrete slab and fluorescent light land on someone’s head.
In case you are wondering, the proper term for this is call spalling concrete. Spalling concrete is usually the result of a combination of poor installation and environmental factors which stress the concrete, causing it to become damaged.

I think I can start finding a contractor to fix the spalling concrete. Most of the concrete slab that are about to fall off have fallen off.


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