DK’s Tech prediction for 2011 – Half-time score

Wow, we are halfway thru 2011. If you remember, I made some tech prediction for 2011 at the start of the year. Since we are halfway thru 2011, I guess maybe I should do a half-time score to see how bad I’ve done so far.
2011 will be the year of the Tablets
Judging from the number of Tablets that has been released and announced so far, this prediction is definitely correct. But hey, any 10 year old kid would have predicted the same thing.
Windows 7 tablet, tried by failed
I was expecting Microsoft to try their luck on the Tablet market by releasing Windows 7 Tablets. But then, up till now there’s still no influx of Windows 7 Tablet. And I think Microsoft knows that Windows 7 is not suitable for tablet. That why they are concentrating on Windows 8 which has interface meant for touchscreen. So I guess this prediction is going to be wrong.
iPad 2 with front facing camera
Spot on. But then, I also predicted that there will be no rear facing camera on the iPad 2. Who would have guessed that Steve Jobs decided to put a lousy rear facing camera on iPad 2. And seriously, I still don’t know why Apple put a rear facing camera on the iPad 2. It makes you look like a complete moron when you tried taking photo with a 9 inch tablet.
Colour e-ink reader from Amazon
Not here yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But from the look of it, I think my chances is pretty slim on this.
Nokia release smartphone running either Windows Phone 7 or Android
Score! Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced early this year that Nokia will be releasing Windows Phone 7 phone. What caught me by surprised is that Nokia will be abandoning MeeGo and Symbian.
Rise of Windows Phone 7
Not happening yet. And from the way things are going, it might not be happening this year. Maybe 2012 when Nokia finally start flooding the market with their Windows Phone 7 phone.
Google Chrome OS revive netbook market
Not happening yet. And from the looks of things, this prediction might go down the drain.
Apple stop using Google Map for iOS
Not happening yet. In fact, Eric Schmidt revealed that Google had reached a deal with Apple to continue providing its maps for the iOS. Looks like this predictions is going to be wrong. If Apple is moving away from Google Map, they would have done it in OS 5. But they didn’t.
No white iPhone 4
You most likely know at least 1 person who owns a white iPhone 4. Argh! Damn you Apple.
Phones with Near Field Communications launched in Singapore but slow pick up in services
Yeap, we are seeing a few NFC phones coming to Singapore. Still no NFC services yet.
Singapore roll out LTE for consumers but takeup rate is slow
M1 has rolled out their LTE in the town area. The other 2 telcos will most likely release theirs later this year. Looks like this prediction will come true.
Social Media will play an important role in Singapore General Election
Spot on. But this is too easy to predict.
No major phone makers except Apple will release phones using MicroSIM
Wrong. Nokia’s upcoming N9 will be using MicroSIM.
So that’s the Half-time score. Looks like I scored quite badly. Well, it’s kinda expected. I’m never good at Tech predictions.
And the usual disclaimer: The predictions and half-time score are my own views and not representative of those of my employer.

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