I’ve always heard about how scary it is to cross the road in Vietnam. You really need skill and lots of guts. Recently, I discovered that there’s actually quite a number of Youtube video documenting this phenomenon. You can try searching for “crossing vietnam” or “crossing Hanoi”. You’ll be amazed by the number of videos on this.

I’m so glad I live in a country where motorist obey pedestrian crossings sign.
I’ve never been to Vietnam. But I heard from friends that in order to cross the road in Vietnam, you just need to walk across slowly. Don’t make any sudden movements. The motorbikes will find a way to go pass you. Having lots of guts helps too.
Have you been to Vietnam? How do you cross the roads there?

Here’s an interesting new feature on Facebook. Facebook now allows you to indicate on your profile when you are expecting a child. The feature works just like Family relationship feature.
To add the pregancy information to your profile, click on your profile (top right hand corner), then “Edit profile” and go to “Friends and Family” section. From the Select Relation drop down box, choose “Expected: Child” option. From there, you can set the expected due date and name of the baby if you already have 1. Strangely, there’s no option to set the gender of the expected child.

After you click save, Facebook will write on your wall saying you are expecting a child. The information of your expected child will also appear on your profile page under the Family section.
This is a very interesting feature. Previously, parents usually change their own profile picture to a photo of the ultrasound scans and post a status update to inform their Facebook friends about the good news. Some parents will even create a profile for their unborn child which is against Facebook’s terms of service. According to Facebook’s terms of service, all users must be at least 13 years old.
I guess this new feature will most likely reduce the number of people breaking Facebook’s terms of service.
But here’s the question: what will happen to the Expected Child status after the baby is born? Will Facebook remember the information for 13 years and let the child set up a Facebook account when he/she reaches the allowed age for Facebook account? (That is provided that Facebook still exist 13 years later)

I’m sure by now, you would have heard about the China student named Wang Peng Fei who fleed Singapore after being expelled from school cause of some racist remarks.
If you haven’t, check out the video below.

Wang Peng Fei has since apologised for the video. But honestly, it’s not enough. If he has the guts, he should return to Singapore and face the law.
I’m very sure not all foreigners are like Wang Peng Fei. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder how many more Wang Peng Fei are there in Singapore. This is not the first time we heard about foreign students mocking or scolding Singapore even though they benefited from our system. And this will not be the last. I always ask, why are we educating foreigners and depriving the seat from our own citizen? Why are there so many foreigners in our Universities? What about our own children?
Is there something seriously wrong with our Pro-Foreigners policies? Should we start re-looking at our policies?

Good news to all Motorola XOOM owners in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and India. Motorola will begin pushing out Android Honeycomb 3.1 update to all Motorola XOOM WiFi and Motorola XOOM on 29 July 2010. That’s tomorrow!

The 40mb over-the-air upgrade will trigger a notification window with the option for users to download the update immediately or at a later date.
The most notable change from the 3.1 update is the activatation of the SD card slot. Other key features from the 3.1 update include:

  • Improved multi-tasking providing instant visual access to a larger number of applications
  • Resizable home screen widgets for Gmail, Calendar and Browser
  • Both keyboard and mouse support, which allows simultaneous input for devices over Bluetooth (in any combination)
  • Support for most PC joysticks and gamepads that connect over USB or Bluetooth
  • Picture transfer directly from camera, so users can connect their cameras over USB and import their pictures to the Gallery with a single touch
  • New high-performance Wi-Fi lock lets applications maintain high-performance Wi-Fi connections even when the device screen is off
  • Preloaded Adobe Flash Player, as well as File Manager.
  • I love Kickstarter.com. It is filled with creative and innovative ideas. So far, I’ve supported 3 ideas and I’m always on a lookout for more great ideas.
    But interestingly, I didn’t see Dockem when it was seeking funding at Kickstarter. But luckily for me, the creators of Dockem send me a set for review.

    I was rather surprised when I first got Dockem. The packaging is plain and boring. But don’t be fooled by the packaging. It’s the contents that matters.

    The Dockem is a simple and very elegantly designed universal wall dock for your smartphones and tablets. It is able to fit any device that is less than 20mm thick. Which means your iPhone, iPad, Nexus S, Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Torch, PlayBook etc etc can all be used with Dockem. There’s a hook at the bottom of the Dockem for you to hang your charging cables.

    Dockem is mounted to the wall (or any surface) using the 3M Command Strips. You can easily get replacement from stationary shops. One thing I love about Dockem is that there is a compartment to hide the unsightly 3M Command Strip “tail”. When you need to remove Dockem from the wall, simply use a pin or toothpick to pull out the 3M Command Strip’s “tail” from the compartment and pull the “tail” downwards.

    I love the way that the Dockem is designed to work perfectly with the 3M Command Strip. We all know that 3M Command Strip is very reliable. I have no worries hanging my iPad 2 on the wall with Dockem. I’m very confident that the 3M Command Strip will keep Dockem and my iPad on the wall for as long as I want. The 3M Command Strip is able to hold up to 2kg load. I don’t think there’s a tablet that is heavier than 2kg. If your Tablet is more than 2kg, then I guess you should get a lighter tablet.

    A set of Dockem and 3M Command Strips cost US$9.99. Shipping cost around US$2 to US$5. For more info, check out the online store.
    Now that I have Dockem, the question is….. Where should I hang my iPad 2?

    Hmmmm……. well, if I can waterproof my iPad 2, maybe I can use Dockem in the bathroom so that I can watch Youtube or check Facebook & Twitter while in the shower. I just need to remember not to turn on FaceTime by accident.

    Good news to all local Google Plus users! The Google Plus App is finally available on Singapore Apple App Store and Singapore Android Market.
    Try searching “Google+” or “Google” in the App Store. Searching “Google Plus” most likely won’t give you the right results.
    The iOS version is currently only available for iPhone. Can’t seem to find it on iPad. I think Google will release a tablet version later.

    Huddle anyone? 😀