Mac OS X Lion coming soon

If the rumors are correct, then Apple will release Mac OS X Lion tonight (Singapore time). Apple said that they will be releasing Mac OS X Lion in July but no confirmation on the exact date yet.

But one thing for sure, Mac OS X Lion is available only on the Mac App Store. Apple retail store and authorized reseller will not be selling OS Lion. Yes, that means you need to have Mac OS X Snow Leopard with Mac App Store and download roughly 4gb worth of files in order to move to Lion.
And depending on the speed of your broadband connection, this might take a short while or a couple of days. I think it’s going to take a few days for me since I’m still on a 3Mbps connection. YES, unbelievable but true. Maybe I should upgrade my Broadband speed.
Too bad I’m not living in the US. According to some reports, Apple Store will allow customers to use their WIFI to download Mac OS X Lion. This is to cater to customer who are on dial up or metered broadband service.
Actually, I wish the local Apple Authorized Resellers would provide this service too. I will most likely end up shopping while waiting for Lion to be downloaded. Who knows, I might buy a new iPad casing or even the Apple Bluetooth keyboard which I totally don’t need. Haha.
I wonder if anyone in the US will carry their 27 inch iMac to the Apple Store.

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