Did SMRT say that eating and drinking in train is considered emergency?

OK, I don’t know if this is a miscommunication or someone at SMRT don’t understand the meaning of emergency.
Someone wrote to Straits Times recently saying that he noted that there’s an increase in number of people eating/drinking on train. He asked a SMRT ground staff if there is a telephone number for commuters to report such offense and was told that there was none. But the SMRT staff suggest that he could use the Emergency Communication Button to report the incident so that staff from the next station can board the train and investigate the incident.
I really hope this is a case of miscommunication. Emergency button is meant for emergency. Eating and drinking is an offense but not an emergency. The emergency button should be reserved for real emergencies.
If SMRT allow commuters to report eating or drinking offense using the emergency communication button, then can I also use the button if the aircon in the train isn’t working? Surely a faulty air conditioning is more serious than someone eating and drinking in the train.
Wake up your idea SMRT!
And to the commuter who is so free to ask SMRT that question and write to Straits Times, here’s my suggestion to you. Next time you see someone eating or drinking on the train, just walk up to the person and tell him/her politely that eating and drinking is not allowed on the train. There’s no need to report such things to SMRT.
Likewise, if someone sit on the reserve seats and didn’t give it up to someone who needs it more, just ask the person to give up the seat politely.
Remember: The squeaky wheel gets the grease. All you need is to ask politely.


  1. I have seen people eat and drink on the train. And personally, I don’t even bother. Singaporeans should stop being hidebound and stop wanting to see other people punished. Understand that the reason for no eating and drinking on the trains is to prevent the trains from being dirtied so as long as that didn’t happen – live, and let live.

  2. hmm…prob they should raise the fare so that they can improve the service by hiring more staff to patrol more and so as to ensure that commuters have a clean and nice ride.
    Wait a min…looking at a bigger pic, it can even create more jobs in the Singapore market. Isn’t that a wonderful outcome???? haha

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