Mac OS X Lion now available

Apple just release their latest Mac Operating System, Mac OS X Lion, in the Mac App Store. Lion cost US$29.99. Apple is not selling the DVD version of Lion in their store. If you want the upgrade, you will have to buy from the Mac App Store and slowly download the 3.74GB file. How I wish I’m on a faster Broadband plan. Or fibre will be even better.

Actually the downloading speed is faster than what I expected. I was expecting 5 to 6 hours actually since I have a slow Broadband connection and the server will most likely be overloaded. But the Mac App Store says it will be done in 3 hours. Impressive. If nothing goes wrong, my MacBook Pro will be running Mac OS X Lion in a few hours time.
Now I’m wondering if I should upgrade my 4 year old iMac to Lion.
Apple also did a refresh on the MacBook Air and Mac Mini. Just refresh the specs. Nothing much actually. But they’ve also removed the white MacBook from the online store. Looks like they want MacBook Air to replace the white MacBook. Which makes sense actually since the 2 of them cost roughly the same.


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