Goodbye 小白

I don’t really know what to call my dad’s car. Never thought of naming it for the past 5 years. Since it’s white colour, I guess I’ll just call it 小白 (Little White) for this blog entry.
Anyway, 小白’s Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is coming to an end soon and we have decided not to extend it. The car is getting old anyway. Instead, a neighbor has offered to buy 小白 and extend it’s COE. So 小白 will have a new owner by the end of this month. This is not the first time 小白 had a new owner. I think we are his 3rd owner.
Perhaps I should take this blog entry to thank 小白 for all the great time together. Thank you for all the convenience. You help me get from point A to point B quickly for most of time. (the only exception is when there’s a traffic jam, but that’s totally not your fault) You make it possible for me and my friends to explore all the interesting and ulu places in Singapore. You company me on a joy ride when I’m moody. You help me deliver large and heavy things. You were always there for me when I’m chasing the girl of my dreams. (haha) You are the best wingman a man can ever have.

Thank you for all the good time together. Good bye my old friend, you will be missed.
We will most likely not be getting a new car anytime soon. Maybe we will get one in the future. But I’ll always remember you and the memories we had together.
五月天 – 軋車

是按怎阿花和阿嬌 攏無佳意我 
我撇車技術一流 無人和我軋
是按怎學校的老師 攏無疼痛我 
是不是ABCD看無 聽無就攏免教
老爸老母歸工底罵 喋喋喋唸無知唸啥
是按怎哪會按呢 身邊的問題一攤
作陣來軋車 作陣來軋車 
不管伊警察底抓 不管伊父母底罵
只要我引擎催落 無人可當甲我軋 
在這我最快 最ㄆㄚ 最大
逐家看我一個親像 Super Star
La La La La La La La La La La 
頭腦底飛 身軀底顫 
風底吹我 心底流汗
是按怎那會這爽 要了解我的感覺 

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