Fake Apple Store in China

Here’s an interesting story that’s been spreading on the internet for the past few days. A blogger spotted an Apple Store in Kunming, China.

Nothing special right? But hey, when did Apple open an Apple store in Kunming? Well, they didn’t. It’s a fake. Or what they call “shanzhai” in China. According to Apple, there’s only 4 genuine Apple Stores in Beijing and Shanghai. They didn’t open any Apple store in Kunming.
I really respect some of the folks in China that has the talent of creating fake products. From fake eggs, fake meat buns to fake gadgets like iPhone. There seems to be nothing that they can’t fake. But the best has got to be the people behind this fake Apple Store. Like that also can fake.
It’s pretty well done too. The blue colour T-Shirt for employees. Spiral staircase. Beautiful product photos hanging on the walls. Large table with Apple products for customers to try out. Hey, this might be able to fool a lot of people. But there’s some minor flaws.

The Apple Store logo. You might remember seeing similar sign that says “Premium Apple Reseller”. But you won’t see that in an original Apple store by Apple. And you definitely won’t see typos like “Apple Stoer”.

But luckily for everyone, the fake Apple Store is selling real Apple products. It would be damn funny if the fake Apple store is also selling fake Apple products.
After the news went out, Reuters reports that angry customers has been demanding refunds at the store. Here’s the part I don’t really understand. Why are there people demanding refund? The products are real right? So unless they bought the products at a higher price compared to other resellers, I don’t think there is a need for a refund. Right?
Anyway, I think Apple will most likely shut down these fake “Apple Stoer” soon. If you are in Kunming, visit them before they are gone.

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