New Old Spice Guy Fabio

Check out the New Old Spice advertisements featuring the new Old Spice Guy, Fabio.

Initially I thought this is just one of the many parodies out there on YouTube. But it isn’t. This is really from Old Spice. W T F. What is Procter & Gamble thinking? We all know that Isaiah Mustafa cannot be the Old Spice Guy forever and they will eventually need to find another guy for the role. BUT Fabio? Who the hell is that? Romance-novel cover boy? Why would any girls be interested in him?
And why would any guy use any product that is associated with him?

Seriously, after watching these ads, I feel like going to my room and throw away all the Old Spice products I have.
Oh wait, I didn’t have any Old Spice product. You see, the Old Spice ads with Isaiah Mustafa made me go around the island trying to find Old Spice products. But sadly, they aren’t sold here in Singapore. And now I’m glad I didn’t get any. Else I’ll have to throw them all away because of this Fabio guy.

Seriously….. what were they thinking?

Luckily for us, P&G spokesperson said that Fabio is not replacing Isaiah. I’m praying that this is just a set up for a new series of Old Spice ads featuring Isaiah Mustafa again.
If it is not, then please make this a terrible nightmare that we will wake up from eventually.


  1. I think Old Spice is just testing water to see if Fabio can be an able Isaiah replacement. In the case if Fabio does not work out – which I think the answer is obvious – P&G can always retract and get Isaiah back. Nevertheless, the lure of Old Spice more than just died a little now.

  2. Perhaps they are targeting a different demographic. Fabio is well-loved by the older ladies who read romance novels. The marketers are probably hoping these older ladies buy Old Spice for their husbands.

  3. Ivy, didn’t think about the different demographic and that’s a good point, cos I was about to comment that as a girl, I certainly agree with DK that I don’t think Fabio is attractive at all.
    But then again, wonder how many of these older ladies who read romance novels would be online and actively watching these vids.

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