How many more Wang Peng Fei are there in Singapore?

I’m sure by now, you would have heard about the China student named Wang Peng Fei who fleed Singapore after being expelled from school cause of some racist remarks.
If you haven’t, check out the video below.

Wang Peng Fei has since apologised for the video. But honestly, it’s not enough. If he has the guts, he should return to Singapore and face the law.
I’m very sure not all foreigners are like Wang Peng Fei. But at the same time, I can’t help but wonder how many more Wang Peng Fei are there in Singapore. This is not the first time we heard about foreign students mocking or scolding Singapore even though they benefited from our system. And this will not be the last. I always ask, why are we educating foreigners and depriving the seat from our own citizen? Why are there so many foreigners in our Universities? What about our own children?
Is there something seriously wrong with our Pro-Foreigners policies? Should we start re-looking at our policies?


  1. Rude and callous statements like LKY (digging spurs in our sides, daft, etc) is one factor why the Chinese Nationals and other foreigners become embolden to treat true blue Singaporeans with such arrogance.
    The reckoning would come. Just a matter of time.

  2. No doubt he is a foreigner in Singapore but how is he benefiting from our “system”? He paid his own money to come here and got his money confiscated. He is our customer so to speak. He brings revenue to the (private) school in Singapore.
    I do not condone what he has done, but what you are saying as if he owes the country for being a paying customer is not right.
    Do you owe Golden Village when you buy a ticket to watch movie there?
    Try to think a little bit before you speak/blog.

  3. debtee: True that he paid the school fees himself. But he still benefited from having a good education system and safe environment for studies.
    But I’m not just referring to Wang Peng Fei. I’m also referring to those who are here on Government grants and scholarship.

  4. If i am not wrong, both Chaim See Tong and Lee Kuan Yew was educated in United Kingdom for their law education. Was the British wrong in letting foreigners into their country to be educated? Was it wrong that Britan provided a good education system and safe environment to Chiam and LKY?
    U better check the education history of Chee Soon Juan and JBJ, probably they were educated overseas too.

  5. debtee: i don’t thing u’ve understand the situation. yes he came on his own expenses, but sg grants him that environment which he couldn’t get back home. oso when u go to study in other countries, you are a guest of that country, do u go mocking/looking down/insulting the citizens of that country. money isn’t the only thing to consider…

  6. sg lee: It is alright to have foreign students. But are we admitting too many foreign students? Just walk around NUS and NTU and you will be wondering why are there so many foreigners.

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