I love surfing Kickstarter. There’s always lots of interesting projects. Stumble upon this project for a water resistant iPhone 4 case. Looks pretty interesting.

According to the FAQ, the EscapeCapsule will have a water resistance of IPX8 (up to 2 metres underwater for 15 minutes). This means that you can bring your iPhone 4 to the pool or sea and take some underwater videos and photos. Cool.
It is also great for outdoors activities or a day out on the beach. Too bad I don’t really see myself needing this.

The project is still on Kickstarter. A $50 pledge will get you a EscapeCapsule when it is released. After Kickstarter, the EscapeCapsule is expected to retail at $70. Do check out their Facebook page too.

Remember Every Singaporean Son by Cyber Pioneer TV? Well, they are back with season 2 now. OK, they are calling it the epilogue, but I prefer to call it season 2. Haha
Every Singaporean Son Epilogue follows the 6 recruits from Every Singaporean Son and find out what are they doing now in their units.

There will be 6 episode in this new season. Pretty interesting. So far, only Episode 1 is out. I’ll update this blog with the links when the video is available. Or you can check out Cyber Pioneer TV YouTube channel. They have many other good shows too.
Nabil – Instructor, Basic Military Training Centre
Lemuel – Platoon Sergeant, 6 SIR
Daryl – Aviation Vehicle Specialist, Airfield Maintenance Squadron
Douglas – Military Transport Officer, Transport Hub West
Syabil – Security Trooper, 8 SIR
Shaoquan – Sea Soldier, Tuas Defence Squadron
So what’s going to happen after this? Will they be doing Every Singaporean Son Reservist edition? Haha. 🙂
PS: It’s a pity they stop doing the song at the beginning of each episode. I love those songs.

HP Singapore just announced recently that they will be offering Singapore HP TouchPad customers a number of post-purchase options.
Customers who purchased the HP TouchPad through the HP Singapore Online Store or HP Authorized Retailers in Singapore on or before 22 August 2011 may choose to return the HP TouchPad for a full refund or keep the HP TouchPad for a refund on the price difference.
To get the refund, customers need to Hp.order.fufillment@hp.com stating their mode of purchase and contact information. HP Singapore will contact them shortly. For more information, call HP Singapore at 1800-2780182 (choose option 2).
The post-purchase options are valid till 16 September 2011.

PS: We have news that HP Singapore will be selling the HP TouchPad at a discounted rate during the coming Comex (1 Sept – 4 Sept 2011). Stay tuned for more information.

Watch out Alienware, Razer is eyeing the Laptop Gaming Market. And they just announced the Razer Blade last Friday evening which looks like a pretty good contender.

Although I disagree with the marketing speech that this is the world’s first true gaming laptop, I must say that the specs and design looks really good.

Let’s start with the specs. 17.3 inch LED Backlit Display (1920×1080), 2.8GHz Intel Core i7-2640M CPU, GeForce GT555M GPU with 2GB of dedicated video memory, 8GB RAM and a 320GB 7200RPM harddisk. OK, besides the harddisk, everything looks impressive. And Razer managed to squeeze everything into a 42.69 x 27.69 x 2.23 cm form factor and weighs 3.16kg. 3.16kg may seems heavy for most people, but remember, this is a 17.3 inch laptop. It’s quite impressive that they manage keep it at 2.23cm thick.

What attract my attention about the Razer Blade is the Trackpad. Instead of being positioned below the keyboard like most laptops, the Trackpad on the Razer Blade is located on the right side of the keyboard. I’ve never tried serious gaming on a Trackpad before. I still think you need a mouse for PC gaming. But if you really want to try playing games like First Shooter using a Trackpad, I guess positioning it on the right side of the keyboard helps a bit.

But I think the main reason why they position the Trackpad on the right side of the keyboard is so that your hands won’t obstruct the display on the Trackpad. YES, The Trackpad is actually a 480 x 800 LCD screen which acts as secondary display when you plug in a mouse. The secondary display can be used to display mini maps, player stats etc etc. Razer will eventually release the API so that game makers can utilize the secondary display.

At the top of the Trackpad is 10 customizable dynamic keys. These keys’ image changes according to the games you are playing. Cool.

The Razer Blade will be released in North America in Q4 2011 at US$2799.99. No news on the Singapore release date and pricing yet.

PS: This blog entry is written withot 3 letters. If a word looks fnny, try adding 1 of the 3 letters into it to ake sense.
Need to by a new keyboard for y iac again. 3 of the letters on y keyboard is spoilt. The letter between: ‘Y’ and ‘I’; ‘H’ and ‘K’; ‘N’ and ‘,’. This is not the first tie this happened. The last tie this happen was in Deceber 2009 when the letter ‘X’ was spoilt.

Well, at least tie this rond, there’s 3 keys that are falty. So at least it doesn’t feel so expensive. Shold I by the noral Apple wired keyboard or get the bletooth keyboard? Tepted to get the Bletooth keyboard case I can also se int on y iPad.
Coe to think of it, y iac anaged to otlast 2 keyboard. Not bad. Haha.