Straits Times now on iPad

The Straits Times iPad app came earlier than expected. We were expecting to see it in the new NewsStand after the launch of iOS 5. But SPH decided to give Singaporeans an early National Day present.

There are 3 views on the Straits Times iPad app. iPad Edition, PDF Edition and Breaking News.
PDF Edition is the PDF of the actual Straits Times. What you see is what you get on the actual paper.

Breaking news section is like the web edition where you get the latest update of the news.

The most interesting part is the iPad Edition. This is the version that is specially formatted for the iPad. It’s actually pretty good. You can view it on both landscape or portrait mode. Turn the page by swiping left or right. When you see an article that you are interested, just tap on it to view the entire article. You can easily change the font size.

The file size for a day’s Straits Times is more than 20mb. So it will take a few moments for you to download if you are on 3G. Surprisingly, Apple actually allows you to download it on 3G even though it is more than 20mb.

Subscriptions is free from now till 7 Sept 2011. We don’t know the subscription rates yet. But I think I remember seeing from somewhere saying it’s going to be US$27.99 per month. But that page has been taken down. Honestly, I hope it will be cheaper. The app is great but I won’t pay US$29.99 for a month’s subscriptions.
Anyway, let’s wait for the official pricing. In the meantime, go to the App Store and download the Straits Times app now!

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