Google Plus now comes with games

This is actually no surprise. We saw this coming when Google launched Google Plus.

Yes, Google Plus now come with games.
And I think one thing Google did correctly is to separate the games updates stream from the normal stream. This is great for those who are not interested in playing games on their social network. For those who are interested to see what games you friends are playing, just go to the Games stream.
There’s not a lot of games right now. But don’t worry. Expect to see more social games publishers hoping onboard. And in the meantime, just play Angry Bird. YES! Angry Bird is on Google Plus. Ain’t that cool?

This is currently the only game that I’m playing on Google Plus. The best part is that you can actually compare your score with your friends.

And if it is not enough, you can also post a message to your friend to boast about your new highscore. Haha.


  1. Games on Google? just when I thought it’s “safe” compared to FB etc… Couldn’t they leave (at least something) it to be professional

  2. Jo: Don’t worry. The games notification will be on another tab. If you don’t want, just don’t go into that tab. Give it a try. A lot of people are saying they like this arrangement. 🙂

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