8 million patents and counting….

Congratulations to the US Patent and Trademark Office for issuing the 8th million patent recently. YES! There’s a freaking 8 million patents in America.
The 8th million patent was issued on 16 Aug 2011 to Second Sight Medical Products, Inc., for a visual prosthesis apparatus that enhances visual perception for people who have gone blind due to outer retinal degeneration. I have no idea what’s that.
Looking at the history of patent in US, it seems like they are issuing patent at a faster speed. The 7th million patent was issued in 14 February 2006. It took them 5 years to issue 1 million patent. And the speed will only become faster as more people file for patent and technology help speed up the process.
Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of patent. I think that it is slowing down inovation. All the patent lawsuits among companies aren’t benefiting consumers. The only people benefiting from them are the patent lawyers. More and more people are calling for patent law reform. We shall see how it goes.

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