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So I went flying last Friday evening. Not taking a plane or helicopter ride. Been there, done that. I went flying at iFly Singapore at Sentosa.

iFly Singapore is one of the latest attraction at Sentosa. It’s an indoor skydiving simulator brought here by entrepreneur Lawrence Koh who used to be a member of the Red Lion. (yes, they are the guys who parachute from helicopter every year during NDP) iFly Singapore is a franchise of American company SkyVenture which has more than 20 wind tunnels in the world.

At a height of 56.5ft and width of 16.5ft, iFly Singapore is the world’s largest indoor skydiving simulator. No surprise. Typical Singaporeans style. Want to do, must do the biggest. It is also the only wind tunnel that offers flyers view of the South China Sea. iFly Singapore is strategically located near the Songs of the Sea which provides a nightly firework display. Great for photos.

The good thing about iFLy Singapore is that you don’t need travel oversea to experience skydiving. Sentosa is not considered oversea hor! It’s still in Singapore. iFly is a lot cheaper than the real skydiving. You can do it day or night, rain or shine. No need to worry about the weather. And it’s very safe. The tunnel design has an accident rate of zero. Most importantly, beginners don’t need to have their instructor strapped behind their back when skydiving. The instructor at iFly Singapore stand beside you to guide you while flying.
But of course the scenery is much better when you go for real skydiving. Oh well, nothing’s perfect.
The whole iFly Singapore is themed like an airport terminal to give flyers the feel that they are really going to board a plane and skydive down to land. I have totally no skydiving experience before I tried the iFly. The beginner flight package include a basic training where we learn about the hand signs and the correct pose to adopt in the wind tunnel.

After the briefing, we proceed to the counter to suit up. Jumpsuit, helmat, goggles and earplug are all provided. They also provide shoes for those who aren’t wearing closed toe shoe with laces. So basically you just need to bring yourself, that’s all. iFly Singapore will take care of the rest. There’s even lockers to keep your personal belongings.

I got to try out the First Timer Challenge Package which includes 2 skydives, each lasting around 45 seconds. Check out the YouTube video. Don’t laugh! It’s my first time.

As you can see, I had a shaky start. I think it’s mainly because my legs aren’t straight enough. So the instructor use hand signal to tell me to straighten my legs and correct the posture. You can see that towards the end, I’m doing pretty well.
For the second round, the instructor takes us on a spin up to the top of the wind tunnel. It’s quite fun. And not scary at all even though the wind tunnel is 5 storey high.

OK lah, not bad for first timer. At the end of the session, I got a certificate to certify that I’ve attended the introductory class. Cool.
Maybe I should show you a video of how the pros do it.

Some day….. I’ll fly just like them….. Some day….Haha.
I really had a great time at iFly Singapore. It is an unforgettable experience. Feels like I’m weightless and floating. Really fun. But I still can’t really control where I’m going when I’m in the wind tunnel. Feels a bit helpless and at the mercy of the instructor. Haha. I guess with more practice, I should be able to control myself and make a few turns.

OK, where can I pick up the application form for the Red Lions?


  1. Chester: actually cannot take photos 1. But they make exceptions for us that day. 🙂
    You can actually purchase the photo and DVD from them. Photo cost $28 and DVD cost $35

  2. I would try that rather than the real thing. It has the same sensation and experience but much safer. Maybe once I am confident and learned the techniques I’ll jump from the sky.

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