HP TouchPad refund for Singapore customers

HP Singapore just announced recently that they will be offering Singapore HP TouchPad customers a number of post-purchase options.
Customers who purchased the HP TouchPad through the HP Singapore Online Store or HP Authorized Retailers in Singapore on or before 22 August 2011 may choose to return the HP TouchPad for a full refund or keep the HP TouchPad for a refund on the price difference.
To get the refund, customers need to Hp.order.fufillment@hp.com stating their mode of purchase and contact information. HP Singapore will contact them shortly. For more information, call HP Singapore at 1800-2780182 (choose option 2).
The post-purchase options are valid till 16 September 2011.

PS: We have news that HP Singapore will be selling the HP TouchPad at a discounted rate during the coming Comex (1 Sept – 4 Sept 2011). Stay tuned for more information.


  1. The people had advanced ticket numbers before the show started. I was thoroughly disappointed with the time & effort wasted in queuing on behalf of my spouse. More than ever, seen the ugly sides of our people. So once the door opens, everyone dashed in but were informed all taken up.
    I am disappointed with HP staffs that juncture and will not buy any of these in the next 3days. Do not queue blindly as the crowds have been there much earlier before the door started! Be warned.

  2. It is a great investment you can have once you are dealing with
    business or just simply surfing the net for important purposes.
    OK, let’s start with handset style, all of the devices come with different casings, the Black – Berry Bold 9780 and the Curve 8520 have classic Blackberry bar form casings complete with full QWERTY keyboards, whereas the Black – Berry Torch 9800 has a slider form casing with slide out QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. 7 inches but only a 5.

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