EscapeCapsule: water resistant iPhone 4 Case

I love surfing Kickstarter. There’s always lots of interesting projects. Stumble upon this project for a water resistant iPhone 4 case. Looks pretty interesting.

According to the FAQ, the EscapeCapsule will have a water resistance of IPX8 (up to 2 metres underwater for 15 minutes). This means that you can bring your iPhone 4 to the pool or sea and take some underwater videos and photos. Cool.
It is also great for outdoors activities or a day out on the beach. Too bad I don’t really see myself needing this.

The project is still on Kickstarter. A $50 pledge will get you a EscapeCapsule when it is released. After Kickstarter, the EscapeCapsule is expected to retail at $70. Do check out their Facebook page too.

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