HP TouchPad Fire Sale at COMEX 2011

Update: Due to safety and security concerns, the sale of the standalone HP TouchPads at COMEX will be discontinued. However, HP PCs purchase with purchase offers for the HP TouchPad will still be available at COMEX
HP Singapore announced yesterday that it will be selling the now discontinued HP TouchPad at the COMEX 2011.

The 16GB HP TouchPad will be available for S$126 and 32GB HP TouchPad for S$201 during the first two days of COMEX 2011 (1-2 September 2011). There will be only 200 pieces per day (100 16GB and 100 32GB). First come first served. Each customer is only allowed to buy 1 HP TouchPad. Cash and carry. No Credit Cards or NETS. Just cold hard cash.
The HP TouchPad will be sold at HP Booth 8428. COMEX doors opens at 12noon. Since the Booth is inside level 4 COMEX Hall, I don’t think there will be any queues at door specially for the HP TouchPad. Which means most likely the first 200 people who managed to dash to the HP booth when the doors open will get the TouchPads. So if you are planning to get a HP TouchPad, here’s the COMEX floor plan.

The fastest way to get to HP Booth 8428 at Level 4 is via the Halls 403 & 402 entrance. (Middle of Suntec Convention Centre level 4) The HP Booth is all the way at the back of the hall. So just make a quick dash to the booth once the door opens and may the best man (or woman) win.
PS: Remember, be safe. Don’t hurt yourself in the process.
Update on 1-Sept, 10am: Don’t bother going down to COMEX for the TouchPad. Heard that HP is giving out queue number and all numbers have been given out.
Just some background for those who are unaware of what’s happening. HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker recently announced that it will discontinue the HP TouchPad. The TouchPad was out in the market for 49 days only when the CEO made this shocking move. Right now, HP is clearing all the TouchPad stock that they have on hand. What caught a lot of people by surprise is the sudden interest in the HP TouchPad when the price is reduced. HP is actually making a loss by selling the TouchPad at this price.
So what can you do with the HP TouchPad? For a start, the HP TouchPad is running on WebOS. WebOS is the Operating System created by Palm before they got bought over by HP. It’s actually a pretty good OS. I kinda like it. There’s also quite a number of applications in their App Store. FYI: There’s Angry Birds on WebOS. Haha. The TouchPad is great for web surfing on your sofa or bed. At this price, you can just buy one and put it on your living room table for casual surfing during commercials. It’s actually a very good digital photo frame.
Most importantly, the Android community are trying to find a way to put Android onto the TouchPad. If successful, you may consider booting Android on the TouchPad which has more applications.
The disadvantage of getting the HP TouchPad is that this might be the last WebOS device in the market. HP says that they want to license out WebOS. But we still don’t know if anyone is interested. If nobody license WebOS from HP, then this will be the end of WebOS. We don’t know whether will there be any support in the future. Will HP continue to roll out security patches and bug fixes? We also don’t know if any developers will develop apps for the TouchPad. We don’t even know if HP will continue running the App Store. If they are not continuing the App Store, is there a way for TouchPad owners to get new app?
The TouchPad does not have 3G and it’s rather heavy. So not really a portable device. And one more thing, it’s a fingerprint magnet.
These are just some of the Pros and Cons to help you decide if you want to buy the HP TouchPad.


  1. Giving out the queue numbers even before the start of the sale was something avoidable. This is not exactly ‘first come first serve’…the queue numbers distribution should have started at 12 noon. There were lots of people like me expecting to grab this product at this price point and was really dissapointed the way HP managed this “sale”. Unfortunately after waiting for more than an hour when I was finally moving out, I could see security persons physically trying to push people out of the HP stall. Is this treatment expected from a global giant known as HP?

  2. Hi. I think I’m gonna get one. Btw, the hp touchpad is not the last WebOS device. If I’m not wrong Its the Palm Pre 3. Just a minor mistake though. Anyway its such a waste. The touch share function on WebOS devices is really interesting..
    R.I.P WebOS me thinks. IMO, HP should give their all on this OS and learn from Microsoft the way they publicise their Windows Phones, and wait a few more months and see if they should really just not continue with the WebOS.
    Anyway, if all I said was rubbish, forgive me haha. Coz I’m only 15.

  3. Just realised dumb HP Singapore has stopped Standalone sales of the HP Touchpad, due to “Safety and Security purposes”… Wtf? They caused all this mess. Seems like I wont be going down tomorrow.. Losers.

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