iSteadi: Compact steadicam mount for iPhone 4

I think I should start a new blog category for interesting stuff I find on Kickstarter.
Just spotted this interesting gadget on Kickstarter call iSteadi. It is a compact stabilizing snap-in mount for iPhone 4. Good for those who want to take moving video using iPhone 4.
Scroll to 3:45min to see the iSteadi in action.

Pledging US$35 will get you a bag with the iSteadi components which you need to assemble yourself. If you prefer everything assembled, just pledge US$59.

Looks pretty good. Love it’s compactness. But do note that the iSteadi is designed to fit the iPhone 4. We don’t know if Apple is going to change the design of next iPhone. So it might be “outdated” before they even shipped the product.
If you are fine with that and can’t wait to shoot steady video on your iPhone 4, head over to the Kickstarter page to show your support.
The guys at iSteadi made some changes to the design and it now supports most smartphones. Looking much better now. 🙂


  1. Just get any universal car GPS holder – s$5
    A standard tripod screw head/nut – s$1?
    Get a cheap monopod/tripod – s$20
    just DIY for less than s$30 and you’ll get a “stabilizer” that fits all camera instead of just the iphone!

  2. Yeah, it’s really compact, but I believe they should use a universal “grip” instead of just shaping it to fit an iphone.
    this way, not only can they target iphone uses, but all other phone uses as well, and enable it to fit just about any compact cameras.
    for that price I would buy, but, because it’s made only for iphone, I won’t, because I’m using at least 3 different company cameras.

  3. Hey, some news for the Isteadi:
    We did release a “Universal” version that work with most if not all, the smartphone.
    to Mr Goh:
    The compact camera with the huge zoom can’t be used.The place where the manufacturer put the screw is far away from the center of gravity of the camera itself.
    Even the phone one isn’t easy, otherwise you will get flooded with offers from China and there isn’t(yet)
    In case you wonder how a guy in Italy is reading a blog in Sg, the answer is Creative….
    Have a nice day

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