Facebook redesign, again

Facebook just did a redesign, again. And true to Facebook tradition, a lot of people will be grumbling about the new redesign.

There are basically 3 new main components to the new redesign. Friend List, News Feed and Ticker. Actually Facebook also added the Subscribe feature recently. More about that next time.

Personally, I don’t like the new redesigned Facebook page. But then, I always say this whenever Facebook did a redesign. Except maybe the last redesign. I really love the last design. I think it’s the best Facebook ever had.

But then, we just have to get used to it like all Facebook redesigns.
The Friend List is a feature that should have been on Facebook long time ago. It’s the same a Google Plus Circle. You group your friends in List and choose which list can see the stuff you post on Facebook. The problem now is classifying all my friends into different list. That is going to be something very tedious. Did that once a few months ago on Google Circle. Have to do it again now for Facebook. I wonder if Facebook allows us to import the Circles we created on Google Plus. Haha.
The update News Feed seems pretty alright. Still pretty much the same except the addition of Top Story. I don’t think I’ll use the Top Story feature often. But no harm having that feature there.
I don’t really like the Ticker. It’s disturbing to see real time updates from friends and knowing they can see real time updates of my activities on Facebook. Right now, we don’t know if there is any ways for us to turn off the Ticker or set who can see what activities on the Ticker. My guess is there is no setting and every single thing you do can be viewed by all your friends in real time on their Ticker. Now I’m going to think twice before I comment on something or even Like something on Facebook. This is sad.
I know, the Ticker is showing things that are previously already on Facebook. But I just don’t like the idea of making it so obvious to all my friends in real time. It’s just disturbing. I guess we just have to get used to it. (Or start migrating to Google Plus)
PS: If you really really hate the new Facebook redesign, go to your account setting and change the language to something else (Maybe English (UK) or even English (Pirate)). The new redesign is only applicable on English (US) language setting. But this is just a temporary workaround. I’m sure Facebook will roll out the new redesign to all the language soon.

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