Google Plus Hangout On Air with

Google Plus will be having their first showcase of Hangout On Air hosted by celebrity musician of Black Eyed Peas. The Hangout On Air will happen at 9:00am 22 September 2011 Singapore time. (6:00pm 21 September on US Pacific time) To participate, go to’s Google Plus profile page.

Not sure exactly what will be doing at the Hangout On Air. Will he be singing? Or just “meet and greet” fans? We will find out soon.
Google Plus Hangout On Air is one of the many new features that Google is rolling out. It’s like Google Plus Hangout. (For the uninitiated, Hangout is a video chat service on Google plus which allows up to 10 partipant at one time) Except you can also have audience watching the conversation. This is great for live Podcast/Videocast. And it is exactly the thing I wished for when I was at Tech65.

Google Plus Hangout On Air is making me feel like doing podcasting/videocasting again. Anyone want to join in when the feature is out?
Google Plus is getting better and better each day. Still not good enough to completely replace any social network out there. But hang in there. This thing has huge potential. And its still in Beta (Like most Google products. Haha).

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