Finnair flies the Angry Birds to Singapore

The Angry Birds are in Singapore after what is said to be their longest continuous flight to date. Some say the Angry Birds are migratory birds and they flew to Singapore to escape the cold Finland weather. Others say the Angry Birds are here for the Singapore F1 race this coming weekend. I say, why do the Angry Birds need a reason to come to Singapore? Just come lah.

Besides, Finnair just launched a daily non-stop flights from Helsinki to Singapore recently. This is one of the fastest and shortest available route between Europe and Singapore for travelers and Angry Birds.

The Angry Birds flew to Singapore in style onboard Finnair’s customized Angry Birds plane complete with Angry Birds themed service and entertainment. During the flight from Helsinki to Singapore, 7 die-hard Angry Birds fans and passengers took part in the Angry Birds Asian Challenge for 4 hours over an altitude of 10,000 metres. There were 50 Samsung tablets onboard so that anyone on the flight could participate. And surprisingly, the winner isn’t one of the die-hard Angry Birds fans.

In the end, Finnair passenger Jani Uljas from Finland emerge winner of Finnair’s Angry Birds Asian Challenge with a high score of 62,110. From what I understand, the Angry Birds game that they were playing onboard the Finnair flight is an unreleased stage and the gravity is slightly different from the version that we are used to. (I might be wrong here.) I wonder if Rovio will release this version to the market.

Oh, and I must post this photo up. That’s me with the gigantic Red Bird. And I want it for Christmas. Pleaseeeeeee……

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