Night Safari cancels Halloween Horrors event

Warning: Ranting ahead. You have been warned.
I’m not a fan of Halloween although it’s gaining popularity in Singapore over the years. To me, it’s just an excuse for people to party in costume. So I didn’t really bother much when I first heard that the Management of Night Safari, Wildlife Reserves Singapore, has decided to cancel the event.
But I decided to blog about this after I discovered that the event is actually planned by a group of students from Singapore Polytechnic Diploma in Events and Project Management as their final year project. I am disgusted by the way this whole incident was managed. 7 months of hard work and effort just went down the drain. And sources say that the decision to cancel the event is made by one person, the new Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) CEO Isabella Loh. Isabella Loh was appointed interim CEO effective from 8 July while WRS searches for a permanent replacement for the departing Fanny Lai.
According to WRS, the Halloween Horrors event is cancelled because of the negative feedback received from corporations, the public and the media about the event, especially over its relevance in relation to conservation. I don’t know about you. But I haven’t heard negative feedback regarding this award winning event. Even if there are any negative feedback, I’m pretty sure that the negative feedback for canceling the event is far greater.
Seven months of hard work by the polytechnic students and almost $1 million dollars spent gone to waste cause some interim CEO decide to cancel it. What is going to happen to the students’ Final Year Project? And who is going to be responsible for the $1 million dollars gone to waste? How is WRS going to answer to their donor?
We keep hearing on the news that the student’s FYP grades will not be affected by the cancellation. True. But are the students just looking for good grades? There’s more in life than good grades. How would you feel if someone suddenly cancel a project that you have been working for the past 7 months? These students lost the chance to see their project move from planning board to real life execution. And they will be at an disadvantage in the future during their job interview because they didn’t have the experience of running an event.
I’m not against Night Safari canceling Halloween Horrors event. I’m against the way that WRS cancelled it. They could let the event continue and cancel it next year before the planning start. What is so important that the event must be cancelled just few weeks away from its start?
All the excuses that Isabella Loh gave are bullshit. And I refuse to step into Night Safari again until Isabella Loh steps down as interim CEO. Yes, I’m boycotting Night Safari.


  1. Seriously wonder how they selected an interim CEO. First decision and such a PR nightmare. Perhaps it was the same powers that be that appointed the new director at SPH.

  2. Not sure if she is even fit to be anything but a door knob :p
    Jokes aside though…
    Where is the accountability in all this shamble?
    S$1m isn’t exactly peanuts…
    What is the board of directors doing/thinking as well?

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