Google Doodle celebrates Jim Henson’s birthday

Google just did a new Google Doodle to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Jim Henson. Most of us might not know who is Jim Henson. But I’m sure everyone have seen his creations like Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the Muppets. 24 September is the birthday of the late Jim Henson.

There are a few easter eggs in the Doodle. For example, you can click on the red Muppet on the right and click somewhere on the left side of the tall Muppet. The red Muppet will eat the tall Muppet. Or click on the Muppet that is wearing a pair of spectacles. Move your mouse around it and after a while, it will toss it’s spectacles into the air.
I’m pretty sure there’s more easter eggs. Let me know if you find more.

Also, read the Google guest blog entry by Brian Henson about his dad.

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