Hazy day….

The haze yesterday is pretty bad.

As I was walking pass some tourists who were taking photos of the city skyline, I was tempted to walk over to them and inform them that the haze is from Indonesia and not pollutions in Singapore. It is sad to see our beautiful city covered by haze every year. Luckily for us, the rain before F1 period helped cleared the haze just in time for the race. But the haze is back.
Disappointed that Indonesia government didn’t do enough to prevent it from happening. And the Singapore government did offer our help to put out the fire in Sumatra but the Indonesia government rejected the offer. Sure. If you think you can put out all the fire yourself, by all means carry on. But if you can’t stop the fire, maybe you should accept the help. This is not the first year already. It’s been like this every single freaking year. Come on Indonesia! Do something about it.
The Meteorological Service Singapore have a website that shows the regional haze map. We are getting all the haze because of the hot spots in Sumatra and the wind direction.

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