Let's Talk iPhone in 1 hour time

OK, in an hour time, Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook will unveil the next iPhone. We still don’t know if it will be called iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

By the way, since Tim Cook is presenting this keynote, can we call it Timnotes instead of Stevenotes? Haha.
There won’t be any official live video streaming. Not sure if any of the attendees will be able to sneak live video out. But most of the time, those live video steaming won’t be very stable. Your best bet is the live blogs. Here’s some of the live blogs that I’ve found.
Gizmodo (Meta Blog)
OK, I’m not going to bore you with all the new iPhone rumors. I’m sure you have heard enough of them.
But I only got 1 wish for the next iPhone. Please keep the same form factor as iPhone 4. So that the existing iPhone 4 users will still get all the new 3rd party accessories.


  1. Interesting view – most articles I’ve read express disappointment that the screen isn’t bigger. Hadn’t thought about the issue of third party accessories.

  2. Ssumin: I don’t know why people think Apple will release a iPhone with bigger screen. If they going to do that, the developers will be the first to know cause they will need to do something to their codes. It will be a very drastic change.
    I don’t think Apple will change the screen size unless absolutely necessary. Right now, there isn’t a need for them to do it yet. They are still ahead in the game.

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