Lytro Camera

The way we take digital photos are about to change with Lytro Camera. Lytro is a consumer light field camera. It captures the color, intensity and direction of light rays instead. This allows users to focus and refocus a photo on the camera or computer after taking the shot. The result is something like this.

You can click on the image to change the focus area. To learn more about the science behind the Lytro Camera, check out their website.
The Lytro camera has a 8x optical zoom lens with an aperture of f/2 and a 11 megaray light-field sensor. That’s not a typo. Light field camera don’t go by megapixel. The new standard is megaray light-field.
And the first Lytro Camera doesn’t look like your conventional camera.

It’s still pretty compact. You just need to get use to the new form factor. And you need a Mac to import the pictures currently. Windows support will come later.

The Lytro Camera comes in Red, Graphite and Blue colour. Red cost US$499 and is available in 16GB (which can hold up to 750 pictures). Graphite and Blue cost US$399 and is available in 8GB (up to 350 pictures).
Visit their website for more info and ordering.

Oh, they are only shipping in the US for now. And you’ll have to wait till early 2012 to get one. So strike it off your 2011 Christmas wish list.


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