OK, the ultrabooks are going to invade us just like what netbook did couple of years ago. Over the next few months, expect to see laptops makers roll out sleek looking ultraportable notebooks. Or should I say ultrabooks.

ASUS recently launched their ZENBOOK here in Singapore. The ZENBOOK comes in models. UX21E has a 11.6 inch screen while the UX31E has a 13.3 inch screen. The ZENBOOK is lightweight and thin. The UX21E weighs just 1.1kg and the UX31E weighs 1.3kg. The thickest point is just 9mm and the thinnest point is 3mm. Sweet!

UX21E comes in Intel Core i5-2467M or Intel Core i7-2667M processor while the UX31E comes in Intel Core i5-2557M or Intel Core i7-2667M processor. Both models come with 4GB DDR3 memory. UX21E comes with 128GB SSD Harddisk and UX31E comes with choice of 128GB or 256GB SSD Harddisk.

The UX21E has a 5 hour battery life and standby time of 1 week. UX31E has a 7 hour battery life and standby time of 2 weeks. But perhaps the best part is the “instant on” feature. According to ASUS, it takes just 2 seconds to resume the ZENBOOK. Great for people who don’t have the patience to wait for Windows to bootup.

The ASUS ZENBOOK UX21E retails at SGD$1,398 – SGD$1,598 and UX31E retails at SGD$1,498 – SGD$1,998 depending on configurations.

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