Man dump cat in a clinic's bin

What kind of sick idiot does this sort of thing? If you don’t want the cat, put it up for adoption or send it to SPCA. Or set it free in a open area where it can roam freely. OK, the last suggestion is not really recommended. But it is definitely much better than dumping the cat into a vet clinic’s bin where it can’t get out.
Luckily there’s CCTV.

In fact, more than one CCTV. Check out the video from CCTV 2 and CCTV 3.
The SPCA is appealing for information about the identity of the person in this video to assist in an investigation. Hope they find this guy soon.

PS: How come the vet got so many CCTV? Haha.
Update: The man has been identified. SPCA will be following up with the AVA on this case. According to news report, his wife said that he suffers from bipolar disorder. YA RIGHT. I hope the judge also suffer from bipolar disorder and will give him a tougher jail sentence

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