The Serif and Ligature for your Glif iPhone tripod mount

Fans of the Glif are going to love these add on accessories to their iPhone tripod mount.

The Serif is designed to keep your iPhone incredibly secure on the Glif. The Glif by itself is already able to hold the iPhone securely. But that’s for normal use. If you are going for some extreme sports or mounting your iPhone upside down, the Serif will make sure your iPhone stays secured to the Glif. When not in use, the Serif fits nicely inside the Glif, making it very compact and convenient.

The Ligature is a a simple keyring loop that attaches to the tripod thread on the Glif so that you can attach it to a keychain.

For those who already have the Glif, the Serif and Ligature are available in the +Pack at $12. If you don’t already have the Glif, you can buy deluxe Glif+ package which contains the Glif, Serif, and Ligature at $30. The Glif itself without the additional accessories is retailing at $20.
For more info and ordering, head down to Studio Neat website. I’ve already ordered mine and I’ll blog more about it when it arrives in a couple of weeks time.

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