Taboo Singapore Edition

How Singaporean are you? Do you think you can play Taboo using local words?

Hasbro recently launched Taboo Singapore edition. The Singapore edition contains 400 local guess words. You have Singlish phrase like “Act Blur”, “KiaSi” and “Atas”, local food like “Goreng Pisang”, “Hokkien Mee” and “Milo Dinosaur”, acronyms like “URA”, “SBS” and “ERP”, famous people like “Fandi Ahmad”, “Lee Kuan Yew” and “Patricia Mok” and many more. This is going to be an interesting challenge.

Some of them are pretty tough. How do you describe “Alamak” without using Taboo words like “Exclamation”, “Mistake”, “Sorry”, “Dismay” and “Malay”? Hmmmm…..

Difficult right? Don’t worry. You don’t need to Die Die play Taboo with local words. (PS: “Die Die” is also one of the guess word) The Singapore edition also include international guess words. But if you think local words aren’t challenging enough, the new Taboo Singapore edition also introduced a game changer dice which has instructions like “Sit still like a statue when giving out clues” or “Only one teammate can be the guesser”.

The new Taboo Singapore edition is retailing at S$49.90 and will be available at Toys R Us, selected bookstores and all major department stores.


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