Android Market celebrates 10 billion downloads with S$0.10 promo apps

Congrats to Google. The Android Market crossed its 10 billion apps download recently.
To celebrate this, Google is partnering some of the top Android developers to sell their apps at a promo price of S$0.10. 10 applications will be on promo each day for the next 10 days. And these are premium apps like Asphalt 6, Minecraft and SwiftKey X Keyboard.

Even if you don’t have an Android device, it might be a good idea to just buy some of these apps and keep them, just in case you might want to switch to Android in the future. In fact, this promo is actually good for Google to get more Android users to register their Credit Card and get into the habit of buying apps. After all, a recent finding shows that only 1.3% of Android apps downloaded are paid, compared to 13.5% on iOS.
For more details, check out the Android Market.

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