RIM renames BBX to BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion announced today at BlackBerry Dev Con Asia happening in Singapore that they are renaming their next generation OS to BlackBerry 10. Formerly called the BBX, the mobile platform is based on QNX for future BlackBerry smartphones and tablets.

The change in name is due to a trademark dispute in the US. Basis of Albuquerque, New Mexico, claims the BBX trademark and have managed to get a US court order to bar RIM from using the BBX name at the Singapore conference.
Personally, it doesn’t matter if it is called BBX or BlackBerry 10. What’s more important is the new platform and what it means to both developers and BlackBerry users. So yes, I’m glad that the stupid trademark issue is over. Time to move on.

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  1. Yes what matters is the way Blackberry 10 influences the world with its technology. Technology is moving at a higher speed. Everyday there is a new version of smart phone launched in some part of the world.

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